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Social Media Marketing

Think about how many times you post a new tweet onto your Twitter account or how often you'll click through your favorite Instagrammers' stories.
Current and potential clients are doing the exact same!

Social media marketing is an invaluable tool that helps you reach prospects and customers. Creating a successful social media profile can help you boost traffic to your business, create a loyal following, and even drive leads and sales!

But it's not just about getting followers, it's about attracting and keeping the right followers who will continue to engage with your pages and your products.

How? That's where I come in.

I have worked with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Mailchimp, and Drip but I specialize in Pinterest. Why?

Pinterest works as a search engine, kind of like Google, and is a tool that should not be underestimated.

250 million people use Pinterest. 59% of millenials discover new products on Pinterest all the time. Think of what kind of audience you would be tapping into!

Using Pinterest can help drive traffic to your channels and your website, creating a loyal audience, and even encourage sales!

But I also work with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Houzz! So if you're looking to grow your brand profile, drop me a line!


I began with Millésimé's Pinterest in March of 2020. We started with 160 followers and less than 100 views a month.
With consistent, on-brand posting, Millésimé has seen a growth of following of over 100%. Enagegment has grown over 900% while link clicks and website traffic has increased over 60%. From month to month, we saw link clicks grow from 38 to over 500. Meanwhile, impressions have increased 41x from 7.89 thousand to 382.82 thousand.

The Pose Box

From April 2019 - January 2020

In the first two weeks taking over the Pose Box's Instagram, action rate increased 50%, hashtage success increased by 75%, and follow rate saw a 32% increase. Current discover rate is 8% higher and follow rate is 5x higher.
Pinterest engagement has grown 150x since April with over 660 thousand monthly viewers, an 200x increase in link clicks, and 239x increase in impressions.

Ivy and Stone

In the first month launching Ivy and Stone, Instagram following has increased 4.5x.
Pinterest engagement has grown 100x with over 50 daily viewers and 40 monthly viewers.

See 4 Me

London-based independent dog company, See 4 Me launched a thunderclap campaign to raise funds to start large-scale production of blind do harnesses. In the month I took over their social media account, Instagram impressions improved by 21.5%, reach increased 8x, total followers increased 4x, actions increased 8x and discovery rate grew by 17%.
Pinterest saw a 3100 increase in daily impressions, daily viewers grew by 27x, monthly views increased 20x, and monthly engagement increased 6x.

Institute of Code

During my time with IOC, I focused on increasing Pinterest traffic. Over the course of three months, impressions increased 6x, daily views grew 4.3x, monthly views increased 19x, monthly engagement by 20x, and we even saw a spike in visits to our website by 7.4x.

Once you've sent me an email, we'll set up a chat (usually via Skype or Facetime) to hear more about your business needs and what services I can offer.

From here I will draft a custom proposal and quote. If all sounds good, I'll send over a contract and we'll get to creating asap!

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