New Year, New Me...New Site: 6 Design Trends to Find Inspiration

Happy New Year! Hopefully we have left behind the worst of 2020 and can start a fresh chapter. Last year countless new businesses popped up as we all stayed shuttered in our homes. The creative boom of last year was beautiful. But as we move into a new chapter, you may be looking to refresh. New year, new me…new site? Well, maybe not new  but definitely new-er. So if you’re looking to add new 2021 energy into your website,  here are a few design trends bringing me major inspiration: 



1. Cool Fonts

The only thing my last client of 2020 asked for during the design of their new website was, “I want to keep it minimal but with really cool fonts.” Everything comes back around (hopefully everything except low-rise blue jeans) and typography is no exception. Where once designers chose to use sleek sans-serif fonts, there is a new push towards stylized, edgy, retro font styles. 


I would head over to Typewolf (hell, you might even want to consider signing up for their newsletter for serious doses of design inspiration) to see some of 2021’s projected trendiest fonts. 






2.  Fixed Background Scrolling 

Sometimes your page just needs a little extra umph without adding in whole new sections of code or content. Enter the parallax or fixed background scrolling. These effects make your page more dynamic, add personality, and even add room for your content to breathe when used correctly. I love using a parallax highlight important information (think things like a telling quote, a short testimonial, a link to a sale’s page etc.) or to add in an easy ‘wow factor’ with beautiful imagery. Here are some gorgeous examples of parallax scrolling. 


Love it? Click here for my very own guide on adding a parallax to your website in under 20 min. 






3.  Grids

Could it be that the utter chaos of 2020 has us all reaching for more stability in 2021? No matter the cause, I’m here for it. Geometric grid designs have been popping up more consistently recently, leading to exciting, bold, sleek web designs. Plus, as a Capricorn I love the structure it adds to a website. 













5. Gradients and Blurs

While abstract elements made a splash in 2019 and 2020, softer blurs and gradients are taking center stage–and sometimes even the whole stage–in 2021.  I love how the below designers rely on gradients to pull focus towards titles, CTAs, or even personal messages. Delicate and engaging at the same time. 










6. Moving Elements

While this might be more than just a ‘refresh’ to your website, I’ve personally become so inspired by dynamic and interactive websites that use moving elements to tell a story or showcase the brand. I particularly love this design by Chungi Yoo – see a little snippet below. 





I also love how playful the Mack and Pouya website is! Everything on their page is fun, exciting, and perfected down to the smallest pixel. Plus, who doesn’t love a good interactive element? While this is a more extreme moving element featured on their page, the whole site has lots of inspiration on how and where to add moving pieces for just a dash of something extra. 





What’s inspiring you this year?