My Favorite Places to Find New Clients

Let’s be honest, finding clients when you’re first starting off in your freelancing career isn’t always the easiest. You may have heard people saying how important networking is, and it is, but that isn’t the only outlet for reaching new clients. Here are some of my favorite online and IRL resources to help get you started!


Full-time Job Postings






Freelance or 

Remote Work Postings


We Work Remotely


Expat Jobs

Remote Woman



Facebook Groups


Freelancing Females

Remote Jobs




Now, I’m not going to lie, most of the work I’ve gotten has come from word of mouth. When I first started out, I pushed back against this and told myself I could find plenty of work by just applying for positions online. But it wasn’t until I started telling everyone I met that I was working in web development that I actually started getting clients more regularly. 


Now I tell ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE I meet, whether it’s my taxi driver or that curious waiter asking about the gibberish on my computer (excuse you, it’s HTML). Even the guy taking my visa application fingerprints asked for my contact info for his new online clothing store!


 If you’re shy (like me, hey!) start off telling friends and family ( I didn’t start talking about my clients until this year!) and once you’ve conquered that, let the world know. And yes, posting on IG or Tiktok works too!