Don't Forget This Important Page When Building Your Next Website

Contact page? Check. 

Services page with package information? Check and check. 

A current blog + plenty of SEO key terms? Check, check, check.


Ok, so what am I missing? 


A good, on brand, informational 404 page. 



Now before you close out of this page, let me explain why a 404 page is much more important for your web development project than you would think. 


We all know how important SEO is to boost traffic and viewership of any website. You’ve likely already added in your meta tags, stuffed blog posts full with long-tail SEO keywords, and maybe you even re-name your images with SEO terms just to make sure you’ve covered your bases. 


These are all crucial and brilliant. 


But why stop there when you could add in one simple page with even more traffic-boosting potential? 


It takes less than 1 second for someone to decide if they like your website or not. One second to determine whether or not they will continue to travel through your website (which you have undoubtably spend hours and hours perfecting) and engage with your content. So when they fall on a broken link, what’s to keep them from staying on your page? Yup, you got it! A good 404 page!


This is the ideal opportunity to transform a negative experience with a positive one! What’s more, here is your chance to inspire a potential lead with great content. Maybe this is a great space to promote specific packages/courses/events. My own website houses a handful of links that points potential clients in the direction I want them to go in (AKA, “click here and let’s start building your amazing website!”).


What kinds of things can you add to your 404 page—other than just a huge 404 sign?


- A link to your services page

- A good CTA that inspires them to reach out and inquire about a product or service

- Links to your top blog posts (maybe one with an opt-in incentive list included?)

- Links to popular products or upcoming events

- A newsletter or event signup bar

- Downloadable content (like, oh I don’t know, a design guide that includes 404 page designs)



Need a bit of inspiration to get your 404 page design started? Click here and check out this board filled to the brim with brilliant 404 page designs!


Happy Coding!